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Display Screen Equipment

Health and Safety IT and Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Do you use display screen equipment (DSE) work? IT and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is any work equipment having a screen that displays information. The most common example would be a computer screen.

The use of computer workstations or similar repetitive tasks can be associated the aches and pains referred to as upper limb disorders (ULDs) or repetitive strain injuries (RSI).With the most common ailments being pain or discomfort to the neck, shoulder, back or arm, as well as general fatigue and eyestrain. What some employee’s may consider to be a slight ache short term could cause more serious health implications long term.

That doesn’t mean that using IT and Display Screen Equipment is risky – it isn’t if the user adopts good practice like setting up their workstation correctly and takes regular breaks during intensive work, then a lot of the health symptoms can either be significantly reduced or in allot of cases eliminated. A more comfortable workforce will be a more productive workforce.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations place a duty on employers to ensure that their employees are provided with the appropriate equipment, information and training to ensure their health and welfare is not adversely affected by DSE use. Provisions are also in place to allow employees to have eyesight tests and be provided with corrective appliances (glasses) where needed specifically for DSE usage.

So how can our Health and Safety Consultants help?

Our approach would be for one of our health and safety consultants to spend time with each individual user of Display Screen Equipment, so that a risk assessment of their individual workstations can be undertaken. At this point our health and safety consultants will also ensure that the user is fully trained in how to set up their workstation, adjust equipment accordingly, and are aware of the good practices to adopt. Every DSE risk assessment that is completed by our health and safety consultants will be followed up with an individual written report that will enable their line management to understand the issues that may have arisen and the importance of any further controls identified.

The Mentor Health and Safety Consultants have extensive experience in undertaking DSE risk assessments to ensure peace of mind for a variety of clients in a wide range of industries throughout the UK. If you would like to know more please contact one of our health and safety consultants on 08444 933 062.


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